COG website


Last week we had a meeting about the Connected OpenGreens website. I drew
the first chart of the content and functionality. Balt showed us the
backend, which looked promising. (Picture by Annemie Maes.)



Yesterday we continued working on the database of the Connected Open Greens
project. This time with the help of Balthazar, a real programmer. It was a
very inspiring and productive day. At Balths’ suggestion we’ll make the
database structure much more, generic. You have to be a computer scientist
to come up with what he did.
The picture shows a nice, nerdy view of Balths’ screen.

expanding database


Our Conected Open Greens database is expanding. On the picture you can see┬áthe harvest for two sessions of discussions. I’ve discovered that MS Visio has a nice tool for visualising database table relations. I was able to make a nice diagram after I discussed the database with my good friend Rudy, a database genius. He warned me that is was going to be pretty complex for the intern and newbe PHP programmer Jap to build a CMS for all those tables. So we scalled it down a little but it’ll still be a though job to finish.

working on Connected Open Greens database

Yesterday Annemie, Jap and myself worked on the Connected Open Greens
database which is part of the TIK project. Designing a database is hard and
concentrated work. At the moment we’re making an inventory of all the fields
in the database, their division into tables and the relationships between
them. Of course we couldn’t help ourselves and also identified a few plants
along the way.