flickr problems

Downloading the big format photo’s from Flickr turned out to be more trouble then I expected. Downloading the small format pictures went like a breeze, as I explained here. But on almost all the big files I got this picture:

I suppose I got kicked out. I only realised this when I wanted to integrate the pictures in the pdf so that was a bit of a set back. I had to think of a way to download the photo’s and be able to link them to the dataset. I’ve used two programs to download all my pictures from Flickr: Bulkr and PhotoSuck. Both contained the Flickr photo id in their file names. I found and rewrote a script to list all the file names, loop through them and save the pictures under their id used in the dataset. I keep being pleasantly surprised by Java and Processing. Eventually I only had to download only on picture by hand:

The next step is scaling the differently sized pictures to match the width of the pdf. I think I might also use the titles and tags of the pictures in a subtle way, I’m not quite sure yet.

working with images

The calendar contains 863 photographs taken over the last eight years. Some days have multiple pictures most days have no pictures. Using a double loop I loop through the days again and for every day I loop the entire array to get the days where I took more pictures.

Once I knew I could detect all the images for every day I had to reconstruct the file name from the csv file containing the photo meta data which I created with the phpFlickrSync application which I described earlier. I wanted the pictures on my hard drive so it will be more stable once I start creating the pdf files. For that purpose I discovered this great Processing function called saveStream(). It takes just a file name and an url parameter. In my big loop I downloaded the files in medium size and renamed them to the index in the array with photo data. In fifteen minutes I’d downloaded and renamed all the 863 pictures. This is part of the result: