sharpening the senses

Another inspiring workshop at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Today we
sharpened all of our senses except the eyes. We took a walk whilst being
blindfolded trying to stimulate the other senses. It was quite an
experience. The sounds, the sun and wind and the smells become an aid to
navigation. I was pleasantly surprised at how calming it was not to see and
at the richness that is hidden in everything that surrounds us when we have
room to pay attention to it.
Later we combined all our experiences in an imaginary walk over a bridge. I also joined the talks later that evening.


EMF orchestra

Yesterday I went to the EMF orchestra workshop organised by Baltan Labs in
Eindhoven. ( We built our own EMF
antenna, which is actually very easy. Then we set out to scare the city by
catching EM fields and immediately turning the waves into sounds through a
mobile amplifier. We hunted for frequencies that were not just the standard
50 MHz and found some nice spots. Using our different antennas and
amplifiers we managed to create an impressive piece and attract an audience.
The pictures show me with my antenna and amplifier and the group acting as
an orchestra. Pictures by the workshop leaders from Constant vzw.