working with images

The calendar contains 863 photographs taken over the last eight years. Some days have multiple pictures most days have no pictures. Using a double loop I loop through the days again and for every day I loop the entire array to get the days where I took more pictures.

Once I knew I could detect all the images for every day I had to reconstruct the file name from the csv file containing the photo meta data which I created with the phpFlickrSync application which I described earlier. I wanted the pictures on my hard drive so it will be more stable once I start creating the pdf files. For that purpose I discovered this great Processing function called saveStream(). It takes just a file name and an url parameter. In my big loop I downloaded the files in medium size and renamed them to the index in the array with photo data. In fifteen minutes I’d downloaded and renamed all the 863 pictures. This is part of the result:

chrono map research


I’ve made a first sketch of a new visualisation I’m exploring. It’s been in my head for years: sharing a complete (or as much as possible) experience and not just pictures or texts. I want to integrate time with maps and add subjective data as an extra layer.

I’m using a wearable time-lapse camera that takes a picture every 3 seconds (there about). For now I’m using a booklet with bookmarks in different colours to annotate the pictures with sensual experiences.

This example is just indoors and I don’t use GPS. Things will be more interesting when I go outside and incorporate maps and pictures from different eras for example. The idea is to get a rich, layered map that can go back from the prehistory to our current time and record my really tiny specs of exeriences in history.

I’ve build an animation in Flash using ActionScript to add a clock. Here’s a filmstrips of different screen examples.

portrait over time


Inspired by a lecture by Lev Manovish (
where he visualised all the covers of Time magazine by taking out just one
column of pixels and placing them all in one line. You could see a the big
picture of the development of the cover design. I want to make a self portrait during my hermit month in November this year
which is constructed from slices of my face, one slice for every day.