business card collection


I’ve been working on my collection of business cards. Each have a very distict design to stress the different characters of the projects. All have a nice glossy front and a back with a tag cloud and a background image as a teaser. I love tag clouds and I’ve discovered some nice online tools to make them:┬áis my favourite as it lets you create a cloud from any text.

I’ve been looking for an aproriate wrapper. I think I’ll use anti-static grip bags so I can make a nice package. This is very convient as the series will never be completed and I can keep adding new cards to the package. The next card will probably be for this blog :)



For a long time I’ve been thinking about a promotion pack for my different
projects. I’d like to be able to give interested people a reminder of my
work. I’ve decide to make a package of business cards that I can put in a
small envelop or sleeve. The nice thing is that I’ll be able to change the
contents of the package depending on the occasion or person. This is my
first attempt for the AQAb project.