portrait progress

I’ve picked up my ‘silent days’ piece again. I’m making it all OOP which is
a nice study case while also making a new work. The Portait class loads all
the portraits and sets their initial transparency. One picture shows all 27
portraits at 10% opacity. The other picture shows the results of the combined Portait and P_button
class. The latter draws the buttons and adds the different visual states.
The next step will be to add interactivity and work the transparency of the
portraits through the buttons at the bottom. Looking forward to programming
this :)


portrait as data

During my month of muteness I record a minute long video everyday around 12 o’ clock. I hope that my face will tell the story of what it is like not to speak for a month. I’ve looked at some footage and want to make three interaction modes with the data: 1) all films playing along side each other 2) stills from the film stacked on top of each other using transparency to see the facial expression change 3) a sliced portrait that shows 28 days in one face, rolling over will play the days’ video. I’ve made a sketch for that earlier.

I made some paper sketches when designing. – Note the cut out cursor on the sliced portrait :D