Proposal Rhizome commissions program 2007-2008

Danielle Roberts
The Netherlands
Curriculum Vitae (Word document)

Project description
Work title: global_mind

I want to realize a website where I can display collected personal data from people around the globe to give an impression of the state of mind of the world. The data is individual and subjective and may consist of mood, energy and love states.
To collect the data I will build a standalone software application (Flash 8 in combination with MDM Zinc) that will ask for input at set and preferably customizable intervals like twice a day or every two hours. The GPS coordinates of every participant will have to be known by the program. For the determination of those the program or user may have to use existing (online) software or may enter it themselves if they are known. This will have to be explored.
The data is send to an online MySQL database where PHP scripts will convert it to XML and display a world view of the global state of mind using Google maps. In one view visitors can grasp the state of mind of the world but may also zoom into regions to investigate local differences. It will be possible to view the state of mind of every individual by zooming in and clicking on a dot or square. A nickname, the three states of a participant, date and time of data and a short comment will be shown in a pop-up window. The latter isn’t required.
Participants may download the software application from the website and also give it to others. A ‘tell a friend’ option will be available. In a forum people may discuss the global state of mind and contact each other.
The application will be available for the Windows an Mac OS X platforms. It must be possible to make updates available in case of bugs or additions. All older versions will stay compatible.

I will take care of the design and most of the Flash, PHP/MySQL and JavaScript programming. I will however be seeking advice from Richard van Bemmelen (software architect) to think through the software design and testing strategy. For advanced PHP programming and database design I will ask the assistance of William van Veldhoven (

Timeline and budget
I could start the project in August 2007. Below is an indication of the hours involved.
Software design 8 hours @ $20
Build offline software and design interface 24 hours @ $20
Test offline software 6 hours @ $20
Visual/interface design 12 hours @ $20
Database design and setup 4 hours @ $50, 2 hours @ $20
PHP/SQL/XML/JavaScript programming 70 hours @ $20, 5 hours @ $50
Testing website 10 hours @ $20
Total hours: 141
Total budget: $3090
The project could be finished by November 1st 2007

Work examples
- title: Numuseum (now museum)
- date: 1998 - 2007
- medium: website
- description: Numuseum is an ongoing project in form of a database and Flash driven website. By being aware during my everyday life, common moments and objects reveal their exceptionality. I collect them in this virtual museum using media ranging from poetry to video, photography to programming.
- url:

- title: Collecting Silence
- date: 2007
- medium: website (in the testing stage)
- description: Collecting silence is an art and research project about silence. The aim of this project is to research and record the effects of silence inwards (is silence relaxing, inspiring?) as well as outwards (what do silent places look like, what happens there?). Especially for this project a custom made device has been developed: the SilenceCollector. It's purpose is to log the data presented on this website: the exact geographical location of the recorded silence, the decibel level, the stress level and visual data in form of a photograph. The website displays the data collected by the SilenceCollector in two ways: maps and a scrapbook. The scrapbook is a collection of all sorts of information about a specific location. Besides reading the data you can play video's, listen to sounds (or silence), view drawings, objects and read the diary or visit some of the external links.
- url:
collecting silence

- title: mood_meter
- date: 2006
- medium: application
- description: The mood_meter application is developed in Flash 8 and MDM Zinc. It starts with Windows start-up and asks for my mood and energy level every two hours. The program sends data to an online PHP script which inserts it into a database. The smile and color of the smiley are calculated by the program.

- title: My status
- date: 2006
- medium: web application
- description: My status is part of the numuseum homepage. It displays the most recent data submitted by the mood_meter. The smile and color of the smiley are calculated by the program.
My status
- url:

- title: Mood_movie
- date: 2006
- medium: web application
- description: Mood_movie is an interactive animation of my moods of the last 28 days. Data is take from the database filled by the mood_meter
- url: