Greetings from Breda

Location: Showcase number 8, Breda Central Station, the Netherlands
Period: 17-12-2004 to 08-02-2005

The goal of this project was to comment on the invasion of privacy by the omni present security camera by making a useless camera.
A webcam takes a picture every time it detects the motion of a traveller passing. The picture is scaled up to the point that the portrait is unrecognizably transformed to pixels. Thus rendering the information useless. Overlaying this picture text displays the location the picture was taken and a counter which keeps track of the 'anonymous travellers'. Behind the portrait is a photograph of an everyday scene which changes every hour. It underlines the individuality of each passenger by echoing his life. This way the traveller is neither a threat nor a potential victim but his self.

Webcam: Philips ToUcam Pro
Webcam software: ConquerCam
Custom program is made in Adobe Flash MX

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